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Customer Creations

Created by Dean, Fife, Scotland


"Working with Phillip and Sally at Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts was a pleasure for us when purchasing their products. The quality of their communication with ourselves was second to none in terms of product information and installation advice. Quick response times to emails were complemented with more in depth information being given via phone conversations. The products were of a high standard, from the materials used to the standard of craftmanship. The delivery dates of the products was as promised and to meet Sally and Phillip in person simply strengthened the impression that you are dealing with positive forward thinking professionals."


Created by Nick & Liz, Leicester


"Having ordered a Shepherds Hut in kit form, we decided that it really needed dressing with substantial wheels and a corrugated roof. We went to see Sally and Phil who gave us some excellent advice and after about ten minutes we had chosen the wheels and even colour of the roof we wanted. Delivery was made of the items within two days.
A slight modification was made to the chassis to accommodate the wheels which, incidentally, weight a ton, and this was quite easy by using a couple of 4" X 4" fencing posts. The corrugated roof was a perfect fit and went on in a couple of hours.

"All in all, it was well worth a visit to see Sally and Phil. They also live in a beautiful part of the country!"


Created by Dan, Frome, using Tithe Barn Shepherd Hut wheels


Dan is converting a listed Victorian drill hall. Because it was built as one open space, the listed buildings office stipulated we could only get permission to convert to a house if the building remained completely open plan. This hut is therefore staying indoors as a bedroom.


Harvey & Grandpa John


Harvey and his extremely active 85 year old Grandpa John are rebuilding an old shepherd’s hut and purchased some wheels from Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts. On receiving them, Grandpa John commented “They’re no mickey mouse wheels!”, which we took as a great compliment.

Mark, Southern Ireland


"Hi Sally, the wheels arrived today thank you. The axles are perfect, nice welding!"

Joshua Rose, Axminster


These 2 shepherd huts were both created by Joshua Rose Woodwork, based in Axminster using roofing sheets supplied by Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts. Joshua Rose can be contacted on 07496 089434.


Tim, Isle of Wight


"A perfect addition to the orchard. This cosy little retreat was created in around 10 weeks using windows, doors, walls and roof panels supplied by Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts. The cast iron wheels and Hobbit stove were also sourced from the company with whom I will certainly be contacting again when I begin my second build! Their advice, prompt responses and courtesy was much appreciated.


"Incidentally, in order to maximise use, I added a caravan style 16A electric hook-up. The hut's 13 amp and 6 amp circuitry is protected with its own RCD consumer unit."


Created by Henry


Built by Henry, Woodford Huts, using Tithe Barn cast iron wheels, and ‘A’ frame draw bar. Located just 3 miles north of Salisbury, you can contact Henry on 07894 500899.


Created by Rita & David


"We purchased the wall and roof cladding and Tek screws from you, also Vermiculite panels as shown in photo 4. All very good quality. We are also grateful for the information and advice you gave us."


Created by Paddy & Anne, S.Ireland


Created by Steve, England


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