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40" diameter Cast Iron Wheel

£325 each + VAT



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Technical specification:

Diameter: 40” / 1016mm

Rim width: 101mm

Hub depth: 140m

Hub width (dia): 108mm

Bore (for axle): 49mm

Weight: 116kgs


Useful info:

These wheels can be bought individually to make up a set of 4 x 40”, for use on a rolling chassis, or 2 x 32” + 2 x 40”, for use with a turntable chassis.

Our cast iron wheels are supplied to shepherd hut makers throughout the UK. They have no identifying trademarks or imprints.


The last picture on the left shows the whole family of cast iron wheels that we are now able to supply – 20”, 24”, 32” and 40” diameter. All made to the same design, specification and high quality.


About our Shepherds hut wheels:

Our wheels are a traditional design, cast from our own patterns in an English family run Foundry. Each wheel has a grease chamber in the hub and a grease nipple “seat” in the reverse of the hub (so it is not visible), which can be drilled and tapped if required. These 40” wheels in particular are extremely heavy and durable and exactly match our other size wheels in style, design and proportion. They are supplied unpainted. The larger rim on our wheels provides improved towing and stability, particularly on soft ground. We can also supply stub axles to fit these wheels – please contact us for details.

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