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Curved Timber Roof

From - £705 each + VAT

Shepherd hut timber roof structure
Curved Timber Roof Structure, part assembled and painted Curved Timber Roof Structure, part assembled and painted The Curved Timber Roof Structure "Kit", consisting of morticed beam and curved spars Curved Timber Roof Structure stained and part assembled Roof structure complete, stained and "in situ"
Roof structure complete, painted and "in situ"
Roof structure complete, painted and "in situ"


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Technical specification:

The roof structure consists of a centre beam and curved spars (painted in white in the main picture and as per picture 2) – number dependent on the length of hut for which it is required. The centre beam is morticed to allow each curved spar to fit securely, prior to fixing with screws. All morticed joints and spars are supplied clearly numbered for ease of assembly. We now offer 3 different widths of roof construction - 7'2" (our "normal" hut width) 7'6" and 8'0". Please note that these width sizes are the external frame (studwork) measurement and exclude any boards, corrugated sheets etc. It also allows for a timber frame above the end walls and incorporates adequate space between the end spars and the position of the timber frame for tongue and groove boards to be slid behind for a very neat finish. In addition, we supply a sequence of pictures and instructive text which explain the assembly process and clearly show these elements. As with all parts supplied, we will be happy to share knowledge, construction tips etc with customers when they collect their goods from us.

We use 63mm x 38mm CLS (Canadian Lumber standard) timber for our stud work framing. Our tongue and groove boarding is 14mm deep. We set the mortices at either end of the main beam at 80mm in from the end, which allows for the above timber and a few millimetres of “play”. If you are NOT going to be using this size of timber for your studwork frame and internal finish, please let us know when ordering so we can adjust the position of the end mortices accordingly!

About our curved timber roof structure:

Our shepherd hut curved timber roofs are made from Canadian Poplar, renowned for its strength, straight grain and smooth finish. All timber is hand-picked, from a large sawmill in Leicestershire, by Phillip. Each piece is then sawn, reduced to size, planed and hand shaped to make, what are, simply beautiful, strong, curved roof structures. See pictures at left.

Sizes and Prices:

Hut Length Hut Widths     No. of Spars
7'2" 7'6" 8'0"
Up to 11’2” (3403mm) £705 + vat £740 + vat £770 + vat 4no Pairs
Up to 14’6” (4419mm) £875 + vat £915 + vat £955 + vat 5no Pairs
Up to 17’8” (5384mm) £1,040 + vat £1,090 + vat £1,135 + vat 6no Pairs
Up to 20’0” (6096mm) £1,195 + vat £1,250 + vat £1,305 + vat 7no Pairs

For “Made to Measure” sizes, please contact us for prices.


To order or discuss this item call: 01788 510 507

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