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Door Surround Sets

From £44.50 each + VAT



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About our Shepherds hut door surrounds:

Door Surround Sets are designed to provide a neat, waterproof seal for your door frame, when used in conjunction with corrugated wall sheets. They consist of 3 slightly oversize lengths of 1.5mm thick galvanised steel angle, with pre-drilled and countersunk holes for ease of installation. Fully assembly instructions are supplied with each set.

The Door Surround Sets comprise the following lengths:

Single Door Surround Set

2no 2080mmx75x75mm

1no 1020mmx75x65mm £44.50+VAT

Double Door Surround Set

2no 2080mmx75x75mm

1no 1550mmx75x65mm £49.50+VAT

Please note these lengths will need “cutting in” and we recommend using a 1mm thick metal cutting disc on a small angle grinder for this purpose.

Please note that the wheels on the hut in the last picture are “bogey” wheels, only used temporarily as otherwise we couldn’t have manoeuvred the hut in or out of our workshop! Obviously, our lovely cast iron wheels finished the hut off beautifully!


To order or discuss this item call: 01788 510 507

or email us  email