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Double doors, with frame

£945 each + VAT


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Technical specification:

Standard frame size: 77 ½ “ x 54”

About our Shepherd hut double doors:

Our double doors are supplied part assembled, unpainted and are made from a choice of solid hardwoods, using the finest Craftsmanship. Our double doors are supplied with a frame (including threshold), brown weatherstrip, water bar and one full size double glazed unit per door, together with beading and internal and external stick-on window bars. Flexistrip to “seat” the glass is also included, together with permanent double-sided adhesive foam tape for bonding window bars to the inside and outside of the glass, thus giving the effect of 4 separate window panes. Please note that, unless otherwise advised, the left hand door (when viewed from outside) will open first.

Please note that we leave the protective “horns” on all frames (both doors and windows) to protect frames during transportation. Please remove these before painting or installation.

Useful Info:

We do not supply hardware (hinges, locks, handles etc) as standard to our self-build customers. However, for our complete / bespoke built huts, we tend to use hardware from the Ludlow Foundry and Carlisle Brass ranges. As our double doors are made from solid hardwood, we recommend using “ball bearing” grade hinges. We also recommend Hodgson’s Silfix U9 for back-sealing the glass unit, before fixing the beading.

Prices and options:

Standard frame size (as above) in solid hardwood (Sapele or Idigbo), with traditional effect glazing i.e. one double glazed unit per door, with “stick on” window bars - £945 + VAT

Please note that these double doors can also be supplied in Oak, in “Made to Measure” sizes and with traditional glazing i.e. 4 double glazed units per door and integral window bars – Prices on application.


To order or discuss this item call: 01788 510 507

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