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Optional Extra Flue parts

Individually Priced



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Technical specification:

If you need a rear exit kit, or your hut is taller than the standard flue kit will accommodate, or you need the chimney to be higher externally, check out the additional options below, which can be purchased separately.

  1. 1000mm x 100mm dia Matt black vitreous enamel stove pipe (Without Inspection Door). Made from low carbon steel. Internally & externally enamelled. £26.40 + vat
  2. Matt black twin wall adjustable, quick clip narrow locking band. Used to secure the adaptor to twin wall div. 20 year warranty. £9.28 + vat
  3. 500mm x 130mm dia (internal) Twin wall flue pipe with 30mm mineral wool insulation. 20 year warranty. £47.20 + vat
  4. Matt black vitreous enamel single wall stove pipe, 500mm x 100mm dia. Made from low carbon steel, 1mm thick. £18.76 + vat
  5. Fixing Kit for EPDM flashing. Comprising: 75ml adhesive, 25no self-drilling roof screws with rubber backed aluminium washers, 25no silver colour caps & fixing instructions. £10.63 + vat
  6. 250mm x 130mm dia (internal) Twin wall flue pipe with 30mm mineral wool insulation. 20 year warranty. £31.09 + vat
  7. Rear Exit Stove Pipe ‘T’ piece 100mm dia with end cap and quick release locking band. Overall height 355mm. Height of pipe above ‘T’ 95mm. £66.78 + vat. Please note that customers who purchase this item often purchase P - Wall bracket, as a secure support
  8. Matt black vitreous enamel wall bracket for 100mm dia stove pipe. Overall length 400mm. Base plate 70mm diameter. Can be trimmed down to size. £15.45 + vat


We recommend you use a HETAS registered technician to install your stove and flue kit. We cannot accept any responsibility for incorrectly installed flues or the consequences thereof. Always install a dual carbon monoxide / fire alarm and check it regularly to ensure it is working.

Useful info:

This kit is designed for the flue to exit at the top of the stove. If you wish to use the full extent of the cooking area on top of your stove, you will need to include a Flue Rear Exit Kit.

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