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Stove Installation Kit, for Shepherd’s Huts

£363 + VAT



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Technical specification:

We recommend that you read through all the parts descriptions before starting, to ensure a full understanding of the kit and how it is assembled; in particular the use of the sealant / adhesive and fire cement.

Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts All Black Flue Kits comprise the following parts:

  1. Matt black vitreous enamel single wall stove pipe with door, 1000mm x 100mm dia. Made from low carbon steel, 1mm thick. Use fire cement to seal to stove. Robust, friction fit (no fire cement required between A and B). Internally and externally enamelled.
  2. Matt black vitreous enamel single wall stove pipe, 500mm x 100mm dia. Made from low carbon steel, 1mm thick. Robust, friction fit (no fire cement required between A and B). Internally and externally enamelled. Cut this div of pipe if you need to reduce the overall height of flue.
  3. Matt black single to twin wall adaptor 100mm – 130mm (internal). 30mm mineral wool insulation. 20-year warranty.
  4. Matt black twin wall adjustable, quick clip narrow locking bands x 2no. Used to secure the adaptor to twin wall div. 20-year warranty.
  5. Matt black twin wall flue 500mm. 30mm mineral wool insulation. This div must be used for passing through the roof. 20-year warranty.
  6. Matt black adjustable wall support for twin wall flue div, 95-135mm. Easy fit adjustable bar. 20-year warranty. Diagram shows wall support fixed to “stand-off” timber.
  7. Matt black twin wall 30-45° finishing plate (2 part). 380mm x 350mm approx. overall. Easy fit adjustable plates. 20-year warranty.
  8. Black adjustable EPDM flashing for twin wall flue. 360 x 360mm with integrated aluminium banding all round. Specially formulated for use with twin wall flue div. Forms to corrugated sheets. Complete with sealant, fixings and instructions - see K. 20-year warranty. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) withstands temperatures from -50° C to 115°C and intermittently up to 150°C
  9. Matt black twin wall rain cap. 20-year warranty.
  10. Matt black twin wall storm collar (not shown on diagram). When fixing, apply additional sealant as extra protection against water ingress. Gives aesthetic finish. 20-year warranty.
  11. Fixing kit for EPDM flashing. Comprising: 75ml adhesive, 25no. self-drilling roofing screws with rubber backed aluminium washers, 25no. silver colour caps, Fixing Instructions – Please note that black sealant can be used to supplement 75mm adhesive          
  12. 1no. 310ml cartridge of Black Fire Cement Used for sealing the flue to stove on both top and rear exits. Effective to 1250°C. 1no. 310ml cartridge of Black Heat Resistant Silicone Only to be used for sealing flue parts above the single skin flue div, including supplementary sealing of flashing, if required. Effective to 315°C.


We recommend you use a HETAS registered technician to install your stove and flue kit. We cannot accept any responsibility for incorrectly installed flues or the consequences thereof. Always install a dual carbon monoxide / fire alarm and check it regularly to ensure it is working.

Useful info:

This kit is designed for the flue to exit at the top of the stove. If you wish to use the full extent of the cooking area on top of your stove, you will need to include a Flue Rear Exit Kit.

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