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14’6” ‘Suffolk’ Chassis with oak axles

Kits & Complete Assemblies From £4,949 + VAT

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About The 'Suffolk' Shepherd Hut Chassis:

Inspired by traditional Shepherd Huts, the Suffolk is a beautifully engineered steerable chassis. With its larger heritage turn plates, designed for stability and strength, combined with other crafted, heavy duty metal work, the Suffolk is an uncomplicated, practical and functional chassis. Customers will see that many of the metal parts are also used on the Clydesdale chassis.

The Suffolk chassis is, like the Clydesdale, very strong, with even more Oak used in its construction.

Customers will note from the pictures below that the Suffolk also incorporates traditional features and has the option of being supplied as a complete unit, fully assembled, painted/treated and finished, or in part form.  When supplied in complete form all timber used is planed, sanded and treated for an exceptional finish (see pictures). We only use stainless steel when metal fixings are in contact with oak as oak contains acids that corrode untreated iron or steel.

Other key features include:

  • Chassis made from selected redwood with oak axles. Steel box section and stub axles are let into the underside for maximum strength.
  • Strainer Bar which attaches directly to a bush on the centre pin and back to a cross member just forward of the rear axle.
  • 24” and 32” diameter cast iron wheels.
  • Fully detachable front draw bar designed with curved strengthener and forged towing ring with hand wound reinforcing clip.

Cost Prices – Fully assembled and finished:

14’6” long x 7’2” wide (frame size) £6,449.00 + Vat

16’0” long x 7’6” wide (frame size) £6,949.00 + Vat

Please note that the 16’0” version incorporates two additional side rails for extra strength. All rails  in this version are made from a larger section than the 14’6”.

Other bespoke sizes available – please ask for details.

Cost Prices – Kit Form, unassembled, untreated and unfinished. Customers are advised to contact us to discuss this option prior to ordering.

14’6” long x 7’2” wide (frame size) £4,949.00 + Vat

16’0” long x 7’6” wide (frame size) £5,449.00 + Vat


To order or discuss this item call: 01262 470 475

or email us  email