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Straight Draw Bar for Rolling Steel Chassis

£210 + VAT each

Shepherd hut timber roof structure


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Technical specification:

Overall length of Draw Bar (inc towing ring) 55” (1395mm)
Size of square section approximately 2.5” (60mm x 60mm)
Diameter of bolt holes approximately .5” (13mm)
Weight 15Kgs

About our Straight Draw Bars:

Blacksmith made from British Steel.
These are designed to bolt onto the central box section of our straight chassis and allow easy towing/movement. Once bolted on, simply raise the hut using a trolley jack (see pics) and lower onto a suitable ball /towing hitch. The hut will become very manoeuvrable.

Useful info

They should only be used with chassis supplied by Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts.

Take additional care when reversing and use boards over soft ground to spread weight loading.

Customers often ask "how do you move a rolling chassis that doesn't have a turntable?" The answer is actually quite straightforward! If you are needing to move it some distance, attach our custom made draw bar with 2 bolts, then simply raise the end of the hut using a trolley jack (see picture at left) and lower the ring onto a suitable 4 wheel drive or tractor hitch. Lower and remove the trolley jack and the 2 wheels nearest the vehicle will be slightly raised off the ground, thus making your hut highly manoeuvrable!

When positioning your hut, you may need to move one end sideways. A useful tip: Using the draw bar again, simply raise the end of the hut on a trolley jack, ensuring there are boards underneath the jack. When the 2 wheels are suspended off the ground by the trolley jack, the hut can be pushed sideways by 2 people. Don't worry if this is confusing - If you are purchasing a chassis from us, we will explain the process fully and clearly!


To order or discuss this item call: 01262 470 475

or email us  email