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Stock Stub Axles for 32” wheels / Wooden Chassiss

£52.50 each + vat


To order or discuss this item call: 01262 470 475

or email:


Technical Specification:

Overall Length: 488mm (19.25”)
Plate Length: 352mm
Fixing Plate width: 100mm
Fixing Plate thickness: 15mm
Diameter of Stub: 45mm
Length of Stub: 136mm
Diameter of split pin hole: 10mm
Diameter of fixing holes: 18mm
Weight: 6kgs

About our Stock Stub Axles for Shepherd Hut Wheels :

The stub axles are supplied primarily for use with a wooden chassis, as a low cost alternative to bespoke, individually machined stub axles (which we also supply and which we would recommend if your hut is to be moved regularly). The stock stub axles are made to fit our 32” diameter cast iron wheels, with a tolerance of 1mm. ALL stock stub axles are checked to fit the 32” wheels before despatch.

Useful Info

The stock stub axles are supplied complete with heavy duty split pins and washers. The fixing plate can be drilled with additional bolt holes, if necessary.


To order or discuss this item call: 01262 470 475

or email us  email