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Window Surrounds – for use in corrugated walling

From £96 each + VAT



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These surrounds are designed for use with Tithe Barn Shepherd Hut windows, in conjunction with corrugated wall sheets to provide a neat, weatherproof frame into which your windows can be fitted.

Technical specification:

Made from 1.5mm mild steel, these surrounds are supplied as a complete welded frame. Available in 2 sizes to fit with our 2 standard sized windows.

Overall Size:

Small window surround – Internal opening 24 1/4 “ (615mm) x 30 1/4 “ (768mm)

Large window surround – Internal opening 48 1/4” (1226mm) x 30 1/4 “ (768mm)

The 2 sides and bottom of the surround measure 65mm x 65mm and the top section is 40mm x 40mm

Note that the inside measurements of the surrounds are ¼” (6mm) larger than the window frames.

Useful info:

The surrounds are fully paintable and are supplied with full fitting instructions.

Sizes and Prices:

Surround for 2’0” x 2’6” Window – £96.00 plus VAT

Surround for 4’0” x 2’6” Window – £114.00 plus VAT

About our Shepherds hut window surrounds:

The surround is designed to slide up and under the corrugated sheet at the top of the window aperture, providing a drip sill. The sides and bottom profiles sit on the outside of the aperture and inside the timber wall structure. By simply drilling and screwing through into the timber wall, back-filling with expandable foam and / or a clear, paintable sealant, the surrounds provide a water tight fixing solution.


To order or discuss this item call: 01262 470 475

or email us  email