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We accept payment by bank transfer, debit / credit cards, cheque, cash on collection or PayPal.

Bank transfer

Whether you are purchasing components to build your own shepherd hut or paying for a bespoke built hut, we are happy to accept payment by bank transfer. We will email you an Invoice with our bank details. Please note this is our preferred payment method and we are able to keep our prices competitive because the majority of our customers choose this option.

Card Payments

We can accept all types of debit and credit cards when the customer is present, with Chip and PIN. We can also accept some card payments remotely (i.e. over the phone). However, there is a weekly limit imposed by our card reader provider (PayPal) and therefore this may not always be possible, depending on the size of the transaction and the other transactions during any 7 day period.


Unlike many companies, we are still happy to accept payment by cheque BUT please allow at least 7 days for the cheque to clear, before your hut or parts can be despatched.

Cash on Collection

If you would prefer to collect your order and pay with cash on collection, that is also fine. Please contact us beforehand to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.


We also accept PayPal payments for shepherd hut parts. Once we have your order and know whether the goods are to be collected or delivered, we will send you a PayPal Invoice.